Know The Real Effects of Using Cannabis

Cannabis is a drug obtained from Cannabis seeds. It can be consumed either in the form of smoke or can be consumed directly in the form of seeds. Even though it is still used as an ingredient for many medicines, it is continuously used by people all over the world to get into high and drowsy states. Cannabis is also similar to hemp, but hemp contains the lower drug levels, making it a more suitable ingredient for medical purposes. In this article, we are going to see some of the drastic effects experienced by Cannabis consumption.

Harmful Effects of Cannabis

Through the continuous consumption of Cannabis seeds, one can experience the following health defects:

  • Direct Intake – When directly taken through mouth, it can be very unsafe and can cause long term adverse effects. Regular intake of cannabis can lead to CHS (Cannabis Hyperemesis Syndrome). This CHS can cause repetitive nausea and vomiting which cannot be cure by conventional nausea medicines. In extreme cases, CHS can lead to death.
  • Mouth Spray – Some people are using a spray specially extracted from Cannabis seeds, which they are spraying under tongue. This can be possibly safe when compared to the direct intake method. Even though, this method will lead to headache, drowsiness, nausea etc. This is only being used as a prescribed medicine within UK and Canada alone.
  • Inhaling – Most common method of taking cannabis is directly inhaling it in the form of smoke. It can cause numerous breathing problems and issues like wheeze, coughs etc. It can eventually lead to the formation of air cavities in lungs. Due to this, many symptoms like headache, dizziness, dry mouth etc. can be caused. Continuous smoking of cannabis can increase appetite, heart rate, rapid blood pressure changes etc. If the limit is exceeded, this can also lead to CHS.

Precautions and Warnings to be practiced

                Some of the precautions to be followed while consuming cannabis are as follows:

  • Smoking cannabis can be unsafe in any forms during the times of pregnancy and if taken continuously, it can lead to childhood leukemia and fetus deformities.
  • While breast feeding, Cannabis intake should be avoided. This is because; it can flow through milk to the child and can cause adverse health effects.
  • Truthful to the common belief, regular intake of Cannabis can lead to a weak heart and corresponding heart related syndromes. If continuously used, it can lead to heart stroke and possibly death.