Are You Looking For High Yield Auto flowering Strains? Check Out The Highest Yielding Cannabis And Why You Should Go For Them!

If you love growing cannabis in large quantities for medical purposes, you will love to read about these high yield auto-flowering strains. Do not know what auto-flowering strains are? Scroll down to know what auto-flowering strains are and which will produce the highest yield.

The word ‘auto’ means auto-flowering cannabis strain that automatically matures to the flowering stage from the vegetative stage. Auto-flowering cultivation includes simple seed production, more than 1 harvest in a season and moreover there is no need for special environment for them to grow in. That also means that you can cultivate them throughout the year, anytime you want. Most of them can be grown indoors as well as outdoors. While indoor cultivation is perfect for novices who are looking for personal collection. However, outdoor cultivation is preferred if you want a high yield strain that you can use for commercial purposes, mainly medical. A lot of breeders believe auto-flowering strains do not yield high quality and only focus on producing high quality, which is not true at all. They are quickly becoming the choice for cultivators instead of feminized regular variety of cannabis. Along with quality, quantity is also possible with the high yield autoflowering strains in this list.

There are so many reasons behind this thought but some of the best advantages are the following –

  1. You can cultivate the seeds throughout the year – auto flowering strains do not rely on the schedule of light. It naturally flowers and you can harvest multiple strains throughout the year. It allows the novices to grow them even indoors so that they can learn how to maintain a garden.
  • Super fast results – along with the previous advantage, auto-flowering seeds produce results in a flash. They can grow from a seedling in just a few weeks.
  • Auto cannabis are resilient – as they have ruderalis heritage, auto strains are very resilient to the weather, pests and infection. Whether it is withering cold or blistering sun, you can easily grow them.
  • Suited for both indoor and outdoor cultivation – they are age based flowering and can grow in extreme weathers, auto-flowering seeds are suitable for both indoor and outdoor cultivation. It you are indoors, just plant seeds under 18/6 light cycle and when outdoors, all you have to do is leave them there and in 8-10 weeks, you will have a high yielding harvest.

The following are the best high yield flowering strains –

  1. Auto blueberry domina
  2. Micro Machine auto
  3. Nevil bilbo auto
  4. Critical neville haze auto
  5. Membrana hiper auto
  6. Amnesia haze automatic – Royal queen seeds
  7. Greenhouse seeds
  8. Northern lights XL autoflowering- zambeza