Living With Fibromyalgia And Difficulty Speaking


By Sue Jaye

Fibromyalgia is a disease that has many symptoms and some of them can be confusing for people. So in case you were thinking that it only affects the energy levels of the body and that the only problem is muscle and tissue pain, you were wrong.

This kind of disease can affect almost any aspect of a person’s life and it is time we educate ourselves on it and give more understanding to people who suffer from it.

The first symptoms that usually come to mind are exhaustion and pain in every muscle, but these are not the only symptoms of fibromyalgia.

Fibromyalgia is different for each patient who suffers from it and it affects every person in some different way. For example daytime fatigue and exhaustion will be a major problem for a person who has an interrupted sleep cycle and has fibromyalgia as well.

And this will usually result in depression and increased muscle pain. But just because this is the most common symptom of this disease does not mean that it is the only one we should look at and consider.

There are numerous others that a person who suffers from fibromyalgia battles with every day. Most of the time there are all intertwined with one another and affect each other.

So with that line of thought if there is a way to help with one symptom it will result in helping with the others as well.

Fibromyalgia often leaves the person feeling fatigued and mentally confused. Many patients claim that it feels as if they have a fog setting over their brain.

From 50 to 70 percent of the patients have chronic headaches and migraines, and they happen at least two times per week.

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Imagine living a normal life with that kind of condition. This leaves the patient exhausten on a physical as well on a mental level.

One of the symptoms that may have been overlooked is difficulty in speaking when you have fibromyalgia.

Having trouble with language and having trouble speaking can be very irritating and frustrating, especially when we live in a modern society where you are in a constant need to communicate your thought clearly and where you are constantly surrounded with other people who expect of you to speak with ease and clarity.

Before your doctor diagnoses difficulty in speaking to fibromyalgia it should be checked that there are no underlying issues with the throat, the ears or the nose.