Move Over Cotton, Say Hello to Hemp- The ‘Forbidden’ Crop That is Taking the World by Storm!


Hemp is becoming a popular and effective substance that can be used for a huge variety of reasons

Since 1970, hemp in the U.S. has been illegal to grow since it is associated with marijuana. However, there are a number of states that have made certain grades of hemp legal due to their many uses. Some of the health benefits of hemp include boosting your amino acid levels as well as getting more omega-3 through supplementation. It can even be used to build houses or make socks!

You can grow hemp with no hassle and within a short period of time

Once you plant hemp, it only takes approximately six months before you can harvest it. If hemp became legal, experts believe it could allow everyone to grow it in their own backyards – that proves how easy it is to grow.

You don’t need to add any chemicals or pesticides as hemp grows well on its own. This means you have a smaller impact on the environment compared to other crops and you are also able to fertilize land. This is because of the thick roots in hemp which work to boost nitrogen in the soil and lead to better fertilization results.

Hemp is stronger than concrete and can be used to build houses

Hemp contains very powerful fibers which makes it a great building materia. Hempcrete is actually stronger than concrete, it doesn’t rot, and it releases absolutely no toxins into the environment.

George Washington has said that people everywhere should be making the most out of hemp seeds. They are extremely versatile and now legal in many states across the U.S.