Cannabis Activism Group Selling ‘Jeff Sessions’ Rolling Papers


Thanks to a cannabis activism group selling ‘Jeff Sessions’ rolling papers, you can now send a clear political message the next time you roll up. The papers are now on sale, but they’re going quick—apparently, a lot of weed smoker’s are taking advantage of the chance to spite the U.S.’s number one anti-weed villain.

Cannabis Activism Group Selling 'Jeff Sessions' Rolling Papers

The cannabis activism group selling ‘Jeff Sessions’ rolling papers calls itself simply #JeffSesh. The group’s website sells two versions of what they’re calling General Jeff’s Sessions Papers. One comes in a black box and the other comes in a white box.

Each box design features a picture of Attorney General Jeff Sessions‘ face right in the center. He’s got a joint in his mouth, and it looks like his eyes may be slightly red. Each box comes with 50 papers, and celebrates the fact that these Jeff Sessions papers are part of a “Limited 1st Edition.”

The group behind these genius rolling papers is working to make a political statement while also maintaining a sense of humor. To that end, they’ve really elevated the world of cannabis puns.

The rolling paper boxes advertise 50 “sessions” per box. Similarly, the top of the box reminds consumers to “Please Sesh Responsibly.” Finally, playing on Sessions’ middle name, the very bottom of the box has the line: “Don’t Beauregard That Joint, My Friend!”

Final Hit: Cannabis Activism Group Selling ‘Jeff Sessions’ Rolling Papers

Cannabis Activism Group Selling 'Jeff Sessions' Rolling Papers

The group’s website is equally punny in articulating its pro-cannabis politics. According to the site, the Jeff Sessions-themed rolling papers are part of a larger campaign to tell Jeff Sessions:

“We’re not criminals, junkies or idiots. Regular Jeffs all over the country—good, responsible, patriotic Americans—have a sesh now and then . . . and it’s OK!”

Additionally, the group provides a number of key stats about weed. Many of them fly in the face of the prohibitionist myths Sessions himself so often perpetuates.


“Cannabis provides relief and uplifting energy to millions of users, from serious medical patients in 29 states to recreational consumers in 8 states,” the site says. “12 states are considering new legalization measures this year. Every time you sesh with any brand of JeffSesh papers, you’re helping keep the law moving forward—and not back to the Nixon era.”

Jeff Sessions is a logical target for a cannabis activist group. Throughout his entire political career, Sessions has been an outspoken opponent of weed.

For example, he once said the KKK was “OK until I found out they smoked pot.” Similarly, Sessions also said that “good people don’t smoke marijuana.” And finally, he regularly calls cannabis a “very real danger” and rails against it as “not the kind of thing that ought to be legalized.”

More recently, the Attorney General suggested that cannabis is to blame for the opioid crisis. While commenting on the opioid epidemic at a Heritage Foundation event, Sessions claimed that “a lot of this is starting with marijuana or other drugs, too.”

Unfortunately, Sessions’ anti-weed propaganda is extending into policy. Earlier this year, he rescinded an Obama-era policy prohibiting federal resources from going after states with legal cannabis programs.source